Declaration of support for professor, dr juris Terje Einarsen’s nomination of Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize 2014

On January 31st 2014, professor, dr

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. juris. Terje Einarsen sent a letter to The Norwegian Nobel Committee, nominating Edward Snowden to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

Read the nomination in English or read it in Norwegian.

The International Commission of Jurists, Norwegian chapter – ICJ-Norway – has decided to declare support for Einarsen’s nomination.

In ICJ-Norway’s opinion, the nomination is particularly well-founded, especially when considering how politically controversial Snowden’s role and actions are – a fact which Einarsen also appreciates and takes into account in his nomination.

The reasoning in the nomination, referring to and basing itself on essential principles of Human Rights, The Rule of Law and Public International Law, goes to the core of what anyone who adheres to these values, should be able to support. At the same time, Einarsen presents convincing arguments as to how and why these principles come into play also in a peace-keeping perspective, in today’s electronic world – which has become increasingly militarized through the type of intelligence gathering that has been revealed via Snowden.

ICJ-Norway hopes that additional lawyers and others – having read Einarsen’s nomination – share our view and decide to declare their support.

Your declaration of support can be sent via e-mail to – kindly state your name and your position/title. Names of supporters will be added to the list below.

The following organizations/persons have declared their support to Terje Einarsens nomination:

  1. International Commission of Jurists, Norwegian section
  2. Ketil Lund, høyesterettsdommer/supreme court justice emeritus (Norway)
  3. Jan Fridthjof Bernt, professor emeritus (Norway)
  4. Anine Kierulf, universitetsstipendiat/advokat (Norway)
  5. Jon Wessel-Aas, advokat (Norway)
  6. Vidar Strømme, advokat (Norway)
  7. Stine Langlete, advokat (Norway)
  8. Dag Wiese Schartum, professor (Norway)
  9. Elin Mack Løvdal, advokat (Norway)
  10. Bernt Hagtvedt, professor (Norway)
  11. Kåre Lilleholt, professor (Norway)
  12. Kristoffer Schiele, advokatfullmektig/associate lawyer (Norway)
  13. Arild Dyngeland, advokat (Norway)
  14. Haakon Bratsberg, jurist (Norway)
  15. Geir Kjell Andersland, jurist (Norway)
  16. Pål Jakob Aasen, jurist (Norway)
  17. Rettspolitisk forening (Norway)
  18. Elin Skaar, seniorforsker/senior researcher (Norway)
  19. Georg Apenes, advokat og tidl. direktør i Datatilsynet/previous director of the Data Inspectorate (Norway)
  20. Torgeir Hovden, jurist (Norway)
  21. Espen Dragstmo, universitetsstipendiat (Norway)
  22. Dennis Töllborg, professor (Sweden)
  23. Bjarne Kvam, jurist, forsker/researcher phd (Norway)
  24. John I. Henriksen, tingrettsdommer/City Court justice emeritus og tidl. høyesterettsadvokat (Norway)
  25. Helge Rønning, professor (Norway)
  26. Terje Rasmussen, professor (Norway)
  27. Mats Björkenfeldt, advokat (Sweden)
  28. Erik Göthe, juris kand (Sweden)
  29. Anders Johansen, professor (Norway)
  30. Birgitta Holm, professor emerita (Sweden)
  31. Lennart Palm, professor (Sweden)
  32. Rune Voll, lagdommer/High Court justice (Norway)
  33. Olav T. Laake, sorenskriver/district court chief justice emeritus (Norway)
  34. Jostein Alvheim, advokat (Norway)
  35. Rolf Andersson, advokat (Sweden)
  36. Thomas Eeg, professor (Norway)
  37. Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand, jurist og leder i FIB-juristarna (Sweden)
  38. Ingemar Folke, jurist og pensjonert advokat (Sweden)
  39. Tony Vangen, advokat (Norway)
  40. Hans Morten Haugen, førsteamanuensis (Norway)
  41. Tanja Storsul, professor (Norway)
  42. Birthe Eriksen, universitetsstipendiat (Norway)
  43. Josefin Engström, advokat (Norway)
  44. Jill Walker Rettberg, professor (Norway)
  45. Jan Sandegren, jurist og pensjonert advokat (Sweden)
  46. Steinar Stjernø, professor (Norway)
  47. Astri Suhrke, seniorforsker/senior researcher (Norway)
  48. Hege Orefellen, jurist (Norway)
  49. Kristel Jüriloo, jurist (Norway)
  50. Jens Vested-Hansen, professor (Denmark)
  51. Håkon Halvorsen, advokat (Norway)
  52. Gorm Toftegaard Nielsen, professor (Denmark)
  53. Jens Elo Rytter, professor (Denmark)